Respect Culture

Shock Absorbing Crew Socks
titan x R16 Taiwan

Titan, rooted in sports, cares about everyone passionate about sports, We offer specific footwear to fit the different natures of various sports.

Titan X R16 Taiwan Joint Style

Titan X R16 Taiwan Joint Style

Signifies passion for sports and professional persistence, Merge the respect and recognition for dance creativity represented by R16. Convey cultural force and art originality fused by R16.

Respect Culture

Dancing has brought us together. Respect is the basis of our communication, Through the infusion and collision in the culture of dancing, A surplus of exciting styles come into existence. Welcome to R16 Taiwan 2016!

Taiwan B-BOY Pioneer

Bboy Choco

Bboy Choco

  • 2011-2016 R16 TAIWAN Organizer
  • 2008 R16TAIWAN Champion

Track Records in International Street Dance Events:

  • BOTY Taiwan Champion
  • FSS Japan Best 4
  • Invited to be a street dance judge all over the world

The Story

You can easily feel the energy of life in the dances he interprets. He said dance is his life.

A severe injury almost shattered his dance career but he came back with a huge bounce. His way of recovery was to keep on dancing!

The stage was always under his feet. Persistence, the belief.

Practice, the untouched perseverance.

At 15, he set his heart on living a life of dancing. At 25, street dance made him shine on a global scale. At 35, he was a brand name in street dance.

Live like dancing, never the same footwork. Chasing dreams should be like dancing, as the stage is always there, you challenge with no fear, and you will be on your way to be somebody!

Taiwan B-BOY Rising Star

Bboy Chenchen

Bboy Chenchen

2013 R16 Taiwan Champion Track Records in International Street Dance Events:
  • BOTY Taiwan Champion
  • BOTY Germany World Final
  • R16 South east Asia Final Champion
  • Chelles Battle Pro Taiwan Champion
  • Chelles Battle Pro France World Final
  • UK BBOY CHAMPIONSHIP1 on 1 Bboy champion

The first Taiwanese dancer to earn the maximum score in the O.U.R. judging system at R16 Taiwan

The Story

Dancing has the magic power to bring out excitement in every one,Chenchen, already known as a genius wizard,had to find his true self and stand through dancing.

Through his dance moves,we can easily see traces of experiences accumulated in the process of shaping himself,rich and unique.

He has now evolved into a creator who choreographs to fit dancers’ personalities.

no pain no gain , no fear.

There are times we get reluctant to face things we are so passionate for,

dance, however, keeps me forever in a fighting mood, fighting against obstacles!

Titan shock absorbing socks

Titan shock absorbing socks
titan x R16 Taiwan

Essential equipment specifically designed for dancers

We provide the ultimate functional protection So you can showcase your best and most perfect moves.

We understand dancers’ feet. They are complex machines that turn numerous action instructions into dance energy and vitality exhibition. In all types of dance, the feet move more than other parts of the body. So, the feet require the best protection with the best mobility. Titan Shock Absorbing Socks are designed specifically to provide functionalities including pressure cushion, ankle protection, and body stabilization and, at the same time, retain moving agility. The thoughtful design saves you trouble in picking out a pair of suitable shoes. The functional protection designed by Titan gives you the ultimate dance sensation.

His cool goes beyond being attractive

It is also a sport protection with total comfort

  • Evenly distributed pressure on the soles
  • Arch of the foot support to alleviate fatigue
  • Outsides of the feet stabilization design
  • Ankle anti-friction design
  • Instep Ventilation Passage (increased sole mobility)
  • Total shock absorption

Totally worthy of experiencing

Comfortable protection and maximum mobility

The footwork moves with the rhythm of music, putting huge impact on the bottom of the feet. With insufficient shock absorption, the muscles and the bones on the soles will suffer tremendously over time. Moving in various directions requires the help from the ankles with no restraints. We place the concept of safeguard into the socks. Through jaw wrapping mechanism, the socks provide anti-friction, shock absorption, and alleviation of the discomfort on the bone protrusions caused by rubbing and colliding with the shoes. Your feet will enjoy the freedom of being able to dance with total ease on stage.

Design Features

design feature
  • Total Shock Absorption

    Total Shock Absorption

    To counter the shock from all directions, we installed a total shock cushion to protect our toes, the front of the feet, heels, and all bone protrusions, allowing dancers to move with little restraint while maintaining agility.

  • Instep Ventilation Passages

    Instep Ventilation Passages

    The heat generated in sports may be ventilated through net-shaped aeration holes in the ventilation passages, adding airy sensation in addition to movement stabilization.

  • Arch of the Foot Elastic Band

    Arch of the Foot Elastic Band

    When the muscles of the soles become exhausted, the arch will start to collapse, which shifts the angle of the relevant joints. This is a warning sign of a potential sports injury. Whether you are speed-walking, jogging, or particularly dancing, you need the arch of the foot to help absorb the impact when landing. When the impact exceeds what the arch is able to absorb, the stage performance will be compromised and risks increased. In order to delay exhaustion, we installed circular elastic band, giving the arch a strong support and assisting the muscle contraction on the soles. The mechanism also enhances the sport performance and alleviates the discomfort on the soles.

  • Evenly Distributed Pressure on the Soles

    Evenly Distributed Pressure on the Soles

    If the pressure on the soles is not evenly distributed, discomfort will appear in the areas with higher pressure. If ignored over time, the accumulated feeling of discomfort will affect the performance. In order to support each step with evenly distributed pressure, to provide maximum degree of comfort, and to adopt different sports properties in biomechanism, we utilize special mitigation design to redistribute each impact, which allows you to stand, walk, run, and jump with better endurance.

  • Ankle Anti-friction Design

    Ankle Anti-friction Design

    During continuous movements, discomfort on the outside of the ankles is inevitable due to the friction between the skin and the shoes. However, intentionally thickening the socks will limit the ankle mobility.

    After repeated adjustments, we finalized a jaw wrapping design on the sides, as well as adopting special knitting methods and fabrics to alleviate discomfort on bone protrusions caused by colliding with and rubbing against the shoes, which allows easy and unrestrained movements.